Kid Gloves Moving & Storage Inc.
We handle your move with "Kid Gloves"


1. How soon do I call a moving company for an

The earlier you call the better.  Most of the year we recommend calling at least four to six weeks before your anticipated move date. However, summer is the busiest season and the earlier you call the better chance you have of locking in your preferred move date.
2. Can I leave things in the dresser drawers and furniture?

At Kid Gloves, we value your furniture and its contents. All contents should be emptied from furniture and properly boxed to ensure that all of your possessions are transferred to your new home safe and sound.

3. What packing materials do I need?

You will need boxes of various sizes, packing tape, packing paper and a marker to label the boxes. We will give you an idea of how many boxes you will need when we come out to your home to give you an estimate.

4. How should I pack my belongings?

All items should be packed in boxes that are clearly marked which room they should be delivered to in your new home. All fragile items should be individually wrapped for their protection and the boxes marked as such. If there is something that you want to get to immediately, be sure to label it as “open first”. Do not over pack with heavy or fragile items.

5. Will the movers protect my furniture?

At Kid Gloves Moving, we value your belongings and treat them with “Kid Gloves”. All furniture will be fully padded on the truck to protect it from
damage. Glass and other breakable surfaces will be individually padded for additional protection.

6. What types of payment are acceptable? 

Payment may be made by cash, traveler's checks, cashier’s check or money order. Please have payment in hand before the move is complete.

If you have other questions please give us a call at (804) 216-MOVE (6683).                                                                

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